UHSM in Roatan 2023 day 6

After a day of fun yesterday, it was time to get back to work today.  We started the day off with a devo by Mrs. Holly about Ephesians 2:10 reminding us that we are God’s handiwork created in Him.

We spent the morning finishing the dirt work on the new tool shed, getting ready to pour concrete tomorrow. We enjoyed lunch and a little play time with the kids before heading back to Punta Gorda to minister to the families we visited Tuesday. When we delivered food on Tuesday, we learned more about the families so we were able to make a bag to take back that catered to their needs. The children were so excited to see what we had brought for them! We also gave each family a printed picture that we had taken with them on Tuesday.

The first family we met was a lady named Bianca.  She had four children, two of which were twins. That was pretty neat since our family has four kids, two of which are twins. The second family was Carmen, who had three boys and was eight months pregnant with a girl. The last family we visited was a grandma with her daughter and two year old grandson.   She welcomed us into her home and told us about her faith.  

During our adventure, we saw a little girl wearing one of the dresses we brought with us and donated to the church of Punta Gorda. Since we have personally been involved in making the dresses (Kelsey made three of the dresses we brought), it was a full circle moment getting to see a little girl so happy to be wearing one.

On the way back to the children’s home from Punta Gorda, we stopped at a local bakery for a treat…yummy! Then after a delicious spaghetti dinner, we headed back up the hill for devo time with the kids. Orsy had a special pot of conch soup made for us that we had to try first.  The food has definitely been delicious!  

Kyndall, Kelsey, Cesar and Mrs. Holly shared their favorite bible verses.  One of the kids from the home, David, was brave and shared his favorite verse as well which was John 3:16.  BJ followed that up with a message about how salvation is a gift that we can only receive if we accept it. We then surprised the kids with croc charms!

Michelle and Kelsey Johnson

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