small GROUPS 

From Young Adults all the way through Senior Adults, there is a family for you. Look below and fill out our group connection form to get started.

Small Groups

Interested in one of our small groups?
Below is a little information about what each group offers!

Small Groups

Groups currently meeting in-person. For descriptions of each small group please view below.

Sunday Mornings

8:00 AM

Brothers in Christ  -  D102
Sisters in Christ - D101
Cornerstone  - Fellowship Hall
Sojourners - B100
Joy Ladies - B103

9:15 AM

OnRamp - D101
Young Adults - B200
Life 20-30 - D102
Sheep In The Word - B105
Wolfskill Small Group - B100
Taylor/Nelsen/Roberts Group - B201
Explorers - Fellowship Hall

10:45 AM

Boomers - Student Center
Daughters of the King - D101

Other Small Groups

Woodard   /  Every Other Sunday in Home /   12:30 PM
Giroux Small Group  /  Wednesdays  /  Sundays at 6:00 PM  /  B200
Duncan Small Group  /  Wednesdays at 6:00 PM  /  B103

Sundays at 8:00am  

Brothers In Christ

John Unger - Sundays @ 8:00am in D102

Consists of men of any age, married or single. We seek to have honest discussions  about Scripture, with everyone welcome to ask a question or provide an insight. We  work to encourage each other, to be honest with our struggles and share our blessings.  We try to put our talents to use in service to those in need around us.  


Ron Terry, George Boone, and Ron Douglas  - Sundays @ 8:00am in Fellowship Hall 

Consists of persons over the age of 55, married couples and singles. We are a diverse  group, exploring how faith and our life experience can deepen our Christian walk. We  love to learn and share what Christ is doing in their lives in order to encourage others.  We use the Lifeway Gospel Project series with an emphasis on class discussion and  participation.  

Joy Ladies

Ruby Jean Smith - Sundays @ 8:00am in B103

Ladies Class 55 and older. We have an opening session with the Cornerstone and  Sojourners classes and then break off a Bible Book Series.  


Rick Robinson, Dick Morton, Aubrey Hill - Sundays @ 8:00am in B100 

Consists of persons mostly over the age of 55, married couples and singles. We use  the Lifeway Gospel Project series with an emphasis on class discussion and  participation.  

Sisters In Christ

Carol Wood  - Sundays @ 8:00am in D101 

Consists of women who are in their 50’s and 60’s. Some are married; some are not.  We are mission-minded and each month we give, individually, to a local or foreign  missions. We also love to laugh and have formed a monthly “game night” where we  socialize and just have fun. 

Sundays at 9:15am  


Don and Gwynne Johnson - Sundays @ 9:15am in Fellowship Hall

We are an eclectic group who share the facilitation of each week’s study. We decide together what book of the Bible to study next. Mostly, we seek to learn and implement understanding of Jesus Christ as the center of our faith and of history. The Christian life occupies much of our discussion time. We are the furthest position from a theoretical Bible Study....we are committed to walking our talk.

Wolfskill Small Group

Art and Mary Wolfskill - Sundays @ 9:15am in B100

We are a coed class of married couples or singles of any age.  Our group studies books of the Bible through in-depth teaching along with honest dialogue.  We seek to build meaningful community through living out the church's mission and vision of developing our relationship with God, with others, and with the world.


Chris Hoover and Amber Hooks - Sundays @ 9:15am in D101

OnRamp is for all ages, especially guests or new members to our church. Our purpose is to provide a short term small group to let people experience the beauty of community. We meet in room D102 and are currently looking weekly at the sermon on the mount in Matthew.

Sheep In The Word

Sheila Noel - Sundays @ 9:15am in B105

Women’s class for all ages. We are lovers of Christ and enjoy studying, learning, growing, and walking in His Word together.

Taylor/Nelsen/Roberts Small Group

Sundays @ 9:15am in B201

Taught by the Taylor/Nelsen/Roberts families. Our members are adults of all ages, including singles, couples, and those without and with children. We are committed to understanding the Bible, appreciating the role of Jesus in our lives, and supporting others through prayer and service. We typically study a book of the Bible and reflect on how God’s word applies to our daily lives. We have facilitators who encourage discussion by all participants.

Life 20-30

Sundays @ 9:15am in D102

Led by Caleb and Nikki Dzuik, Amber Hooks, Chris Hoover. We are a group for people in their 20s and 30s, single or married.
Life is challenging between the ages of 20-39, so we use God's Word to help us navigate the joys and heartaches of these challenging years. Like John 20:30-31 says "...that by believing you may have LIFE in His name."!

Young Adults

Sundays @ 9:15am in B200

Whether you're transitioning out of college into the adult world, pursuing your masters degree, beginning your professional career, getting married, or just can't figure out "Adulting" yet, we are here to walk through life with you. The group consists mainly of couples. Sunday class is structured around diving deep and learning about God's word, and Wednesday Small Group at 6:30 in home is focused around applying God's word while building relationships and holding each other accountable.

Sundays at 10:45am  


Gene Blair and Donnie Calvin - Sundays @ 10:45am in Student Center

Composed of people who have birthdays after 1945 and into in the mid-1960s. We primarily engage in expository study of books of the Bible, with an emphasis on application to the life of the Boomer, where we are in our life’s pilgrimage. Many in the Boomer class are leaders in their community and profession, so we extend leadership and service opportunities to all class members, including participation in new initiatives
and projects.

Daughters of the King

Sandra Bayes - Sundays @ 10:45am in D101

Women’s class for mostly for ages 55 and older. We typically study a book of the Bible and reflect on how God’s word applies to our daily lives.

Wednesday Nights

Duncan Small Group

Bryan and Lindsey Duncan - Wednesdays @ 6:00pm in B103

We are a multi-generational group that studies the Bible together and desires to foster a sense of community. We typically walk through a book of the Bible and learn how God's Word speaks to those in all stages of life.  Childcare is provided from 6-7:30pm.

Giroux Small Group

Jacob and Katy Giroux - Wednesdays @ 6:00pm in B200

Our small group consists of Young Married Couples with primarily preschool age children. We try to serve each other by being present for major life events and supporting through difficult times. Our weekly studies are centered on God’s Word and we love to catch up with each others busy lives. Childcare is provided from 6-7:30pm.