Sunday Morning Table Talks

9:15 to 10:30 am in the Student Building

EVERYDAY is a series created to help you develop faith skills that will connect you to God and grow your faith. We want you to see that growing your faith isn’t about checking off a to-do list or getting everything right. Instead, it’s about finding ways to connect with God and putting those things into practice in your EVERYDAY life.

Week 1: We can connect with God every day.
Week 2: We can hear from God through scripture every day.
Week 3: We can talk to God every day.
Week 4: We can talk about God every day.
Week 5: We can worship God with how we live every day.

Wednesday Night Schedule

March 27--Regular Midweek Worship
April 3--Regular Midweek Worship
April 10--Regular Midweek Worship
April 17--Regular Midweek Worship
April 24--Regular Midweek Worship
May 1--Night at the Heights (Battle of the Small Groups)
May 8--Regular Midweek Worship
May 15--Regular Midweek Worship
May 22--Last Day of School Silent Disco Party
May 29--Last Regular Midweek Worship

JOY Ministry for Special Needs

JOY Ministry is dedicated to providing environments that help develop the spiritual, physical & emotional lives of special needs children and students while also providing support for their families. If you would like to learn more about our Special Needs Ministry, click HERE.