Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be living more life than others? What makes some people seem so full of life and others to seem so empty?

Well, put simply, some people know how to start the party better than others. Now, our brand-new summer-long series called Start The Party isn’t about throwing the best kick-backs imaginable. The kind of party we’re talking about is one that interrupts your routine, helps you celebrate the value of others, and adds a better perspective to your life. See, Jesus was great at these kinds of parties. From weddings to dinner parties, he had a way of leveraging the energy of a good party to remind all of us of what mattered most. Over the course of these eleven weeks, wee will be challenged to see ordinary moments as extraordinary opportunities to bring more life, more joy, more hope, and more energy to our own lives and the world around us. From practically serving other people to fostering a personal vision for a better world, all summer long through stories from Scripture and on-the-ground highlights from story tellers around the globe, we will be inspired to be people who make life a party.

Our faith is meant to be fun. Our lives are meant to loaded with joy. Our mission is to make way for other people to get the most out of every day. By the end of this series, students will be ready to Start The Party!

Wednesday Night Schedule

March 15--No Wednesday Night (Spring Break)
March 22--Night @ The Heights (March Madness Edition)
March 29--Regular Wednesday Night
April 5--Regular Wednesday Night
April 12--Regular Wednesday Night
April 19--Regular Wednesday Night
April 26--Regular Wednesday Night
May 3--Regular Wednesday Night
May 10--Night @ The Heights
May 17--Regular Wednesday Night
May 24--City Wide Wednesday Night
May 31--School's Out Silent Disco

JOY Ministry for Special Needs

JOY Ministry is dedicated to providing environments that help develop the spiritual, physical & emotional lives of special needs children and students while also providing support for their families. If you would like to learn more about our Special Needs Ministry, click HERE.