UHSM Honduras Mission Trip Day 4

Day four recap. We started the day eating a wonderful meal of pop tarts and got to work on hanging more dry walk and insulation. We reset our “days without accident” sign to zero after the “scaffolding” fell bringing down BJ and Josh. While Josh’s fall was not as graceful, BJ wowed the room with his double backflip and prefect landing (at least that is the story he's telling). The rest of the day went well and we got to enjoy cokes with some of the other helpers . We had a wonderful lunch including some amazing authentic homegrown hamburgers and fries.

After lunch we were able to tour the Beacon School and ask questions.  We got to learn all about how it got started and how we can continue to help support the school and the kids we have gotten VERY close with.  Then we got back to work and almost finished both rooms. After working, it was time to play.  School was out and the children started whistling at us from their play area wanting us to come play, so we did.  Sadly, we still have not gotten much better at fútbol but we enjoyed playing it.

We ended the day with a special devotional where our Honduras Mission team shared our favorite bible verses and why they were our favorite.  After a couple of us had gone David. a boy from the home, decided to share his favorite verse as well. Ada also shared her favorite Bible verse and a couple others like Wilson and Noel shared some privately. I liked David’s favorite Bible verse because it was the one I shared too, John 3:16. After devos we quickly ate some amazing chicken tacos prepared by Mrs. Holly and got back to work at losing at fútbol and making kids happy.

By Cade Johnson (la Gordita Mamacita)

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