UHSM Honduras Mission Trip Day 6

Day 6 in Honduras

To kick off the day, we all loaded a school bus that hauled us to breakfast to try some local food, Baleadas. After being completely fueled up, we started up the bumpy road to Punta Gorda. On the way, we hit a bump that busted our filtered water, and it started to run towards the front of the bus.

Once we got to where we were serving, we unloaded the tools and immediately set up a shaded area. We realized that we were going to be doing A LOT of dirt work. Our job was to help level the ground and dig post holes where Pastors Marvan and Magali’s new church will one day be. However, Mr. Jason and Mr. Jonathan knew what to do. They grabbed shovels and started hauling dirt into a wheelbarrow. They did so much we ran out of dirt, so Elijah, Cade, and Josh grabbed pickaxes and started hacking away at a wall of dirt. We spent the rest of the day hacking and hauling.

Our group started off strong and ended strong. Cade’s (La Gordita Mamacita) entertainment was a huge help. He sang Shania Twain, Reba, Alan Jackson, and Trisha Yearwood to motivate us.

We started packing up a couple of hours after lunch. All of us were ready to go. However, we knew that once we got back the children would want to play. We had a little down time before they came, because they ate dinner when we got back. That did not last long because minutes later we could hear them calling our names. Again we played basketball and chess, but we were too tired to get whooped in soccer.

This week has shown me to be thankful for what I have. I see so many kids light up when we start blowing bubbles (I do too, because I’m still a child), but we don’t light up for as much stuff as they do. They got a new soccer ball yesterday, and already it looks like it’s been here for months. These children are so thankful for anything and everything they have. In some ways, I want to be more like them.

by Trinity McMichael

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