TRUTH Honduras Mission Trip Day 2

We have been starting each day with breakfast together and a quick devotional. Jason led todays with 1 Timothy 4:12 - Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.

Remember no matter where you are and what you are doing the Holy Spirit is within you, Empowering you to do Gods will through your life. There is no such thing as a Jr Holy Spirit. The same Spirit that was in Billy Graham, Martin Luther, and the Apostles is in each of us.

After breakfast we split the party (😱) and got to work. The Ladies started staining the balusters in the railing around the guest house in the beautiful morning sun. The guys went with Orsy to continue work on the floor of the church building. We were able to pour the second of the three slabs and expect to have the third done on Monday. Orsy is expecting to continue to build the walls with the next work group.

In looking at the church we are building it reminds us of our walk with God and how our part of Gods plan may never seem like we are making major progress. Looking back at the work done by the previous groups we can see there is a plan and we need to not be so caught up in second guessing and trying to be in control. Much like Daniel; my prayer for us is that we will go about the King's business. Even when we are exhausted, and do not understand what is going on.

Today was one of those days. We were all tired, we weren’t quite sure how to do some of what we were asked to do, (I suppose we’ll figure it out tomorrow). After the days work we went up to the children’s home to spend time with the kids and to encourage the adults. Please pray that God will empower us to continue to do his work. That we will be able to move past the superficial talk and to truly minister to everyone we encounter.

--Pete Mengershausen

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