UHSM in Roatan 2023 day 4

Our day began with a wonderful devotional by Mrs. Holly (or Mom) about seeing others differently, the way Jesus sees others.  Then we finished pick axing and digging the dirt for the tool shed and/or twisted and tied our way to finish the rebar as well.  

After an amazing lunch, consisting of chicken, rice, beans, coleslaw and watermelon, we took a 45 min ride to the community of Punta Gorda to hand out food and serve. We divided into 4 different groups which included a translator. Some groups walked up steep hills to get to the people we were serving, while others walked on uneven ground. JoBeth, Elijah, Andrew, Trinity had the opportunity to serve a lady who had 2 kids and one of the girls was wearing one of the dresses we gave to a pastor to pass out to the community last year.

The second lady we had the opportunity to serve was an older lady with 3 grandkids living with her. She told us that she had just ran out of credit today, and the day she ran out we were able to give her new groceries. She also confided in us that she was discouraged in her faith and fallen away from God and us giving her the food and blessing her encouraged her to get back with God. We shared scripture, prayed, and sang hallelujah with her.

Our third family to serve had 2 kids and they were very open to prayer and thankful for us. We plan on visiting these families again on Thursday to meet other needs we noticed needed to be met.  

We came back to the mission house and had a delicious breakfast for dinner. Then after dinner we went and did a devotional with the kids.  Elijah, Dr. Knight, AJ, Trinity, and Andrew shared their favorite Bible verses with the kids (with Melissa translating of course). Then we passed out the dresses (from SEW FUN MINISTRY which is a dress making ministry for Mission Trips in our church) and Camp @ the Heights T-shirts the church donated to the kids. Then we played with the board games that our Kids and Preschool Ministry collected for Camp @ The Heights for the next hour and had a ton of fun with the kids.

We were very thankful for the cooler weather God blessed us with today but are also extremely grateful for the blessings we provided for people and the memories we made that will stick with us forever. We pray we have a safe and fun day tomorrow on the catamaran.

JOBETH COLEMAN (Table Talk Leader)

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