UHSM in Roatan 2023 day 1 & 2

Our Mission trip to Roatan Honduras is here and that means our UHSM Summer is now officially kicking off!  After serving at Camp @ The Heights last week, we left the church at 5 am on Saturday to catch an 11:41 am flight.  We all made it safely (including our luggage) even though mine almost didn't make the trip.  Pro tip for traveling; luggage you pack for a trip can't help you if left in the front seat of your truck.

One thing we didn't leave behind was our desire to reconnect with the kids we had to leave behind a year ago.  It didn't take long before they come looking for us the moment we drove onto the property.  And, our group did what they do best, speak the language of play.  We've hit the ground running and we haven't stopped.

Sunday morning started with a devotional challenge by Holly McMichael to let our light shine from Matthew 5:14-16.  She dropped a major truth bomb by saying, "Filled things, spill things," and we ought to be spilling the light and love of Jesus all over the island this week.  After that, we experienced a beautiful worship service time with our Pastor friends Marvin and Magali.  Their love for the Lord is so contagious and witnessing their desire to serve the children and staff here at Sandy Bay is one of our favorite moments of the trip.

After that we had lunch with the kids and then we were off to the beach for some more sun and fun!  This picture that is the thumbnail is one of the best pictures of the day.  Just two days ago, Cesar was not coming on this trip due to a passport error on the government side of things.  After the help of our Congressman Pete Sessions office, we were able to get him another appointment and a passport in hand on Friday right before our trip.  Watching the pure joy on their faces lets you know that Cesar is spilling out the love of Jesus all over these kids.

After our beach time we came back to the home for some pizza, let the kids go and study for some exams they have in their school tomorrow, and of course wrapped up the evening with some play time.  It's hard to believe day 1 and day 2 are in the books.

Now it's time for day three today.  We will start the cement work on a new tool shed on campus to help make some room in the dinning room for the home.  Pray for us today because it is HOT and we will be doing outside work that will drain us.  However, we will still want to have enough energy to play with the kids.

Thank you for praying and thank you for sending us here!
BJ McMichael

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