UHSM Honduras Mission Trip Day 7

Day 7 the last day: 
We began our day by finishing what we started at the mission house. The team, with the professional help from Nelson, finished the room that wasn’t quite done. Then, we had another amazing lunch with the kids (arroz con cerdo, plátanos, y piña), and they started to realize it was our last day. After lunch, we went and got some souvenirs from a local Honduran shop, and Orsy treated us to an amazing local bakery with fresh lemon and key lime pies. He even threw in their cinnamon rolls to have for breakfast the next day. The whole team was jokingly chanting “In Orsy we trust.”

After we finished in town, we came back to the mission to spend one last afternoon/evening with our Honduran family!  We handed out dresses (made by some our own UHBCers Michael & Majorie Aspland), drank coconut water and ate fresh coconut (thanks to Orsy), and played baseball with the kids. We made them all Astros fans. Finally, we treated them to pizza to enjoy one more meal with them, and we ended the evening with movie night outside—the breeze was amazing, and Marleny treated us to her famous frozen peanut butter treats. 

Every kid was telling the team that they didn’t want us to leave, but we just told them, It’s okay! You’ll see us for the next three years!”

As I head home, I want to remember not to take things for granted and to be thankful for what I have.

by Elijah McMichael

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