TRUTH Honduras Mission Trip Day 6

Leaving anywhere can be such a bittersweet moment. As we wrapped up our last full day we got to experience a lot of the island of Roatan. We had a drive tour of the island, also  a boat tour through the mangrove tree tunnels (large rooted trees that come out of the waters) and ate some local and non-local food (there is a pretty decent Tex-mex on the island ran my a Houston couple). When we got back it was play time with the kids.

Everyone knows that this is the last night, but there is no sadness. Joyful hearts and voices rang throughout the basketball court, courtyard and all around the bunkhouses. We had devotional time (which for me is a lot like how we do family worship at home) and for the last two nights we spent a little extra time with the older kids there and talked a little deeper about God’s Word. Wonderful conversations followed by some basketball and games.

We board tomorrow with joyful hearts ready to share what God has shown us in order to continue to make His name known throughout the world. Thank you for coming along on this journey and praying for us while we were here.

⁃Richard and Jenny Woodard

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