UHSM Honduras Mission Trip Day 2

Day 2 in Honduras started with some breakfast and a debrief about yesterday. We then joined the kids and staff in a church service. One thing that is amazing to me is how the kids and the family don’t go to church, they HAVE Church with music from YouTube and a message about how Jesus relieves our guilt, thankfully we had a translator. After the service we had an amazing lunch of rice with all the fixin’s, salad, and watermelon.

After lunch we had some more fun with the kids playing chess, hopscotch, and of course basketball.  The boys (David, Christian, Noel, and Bryan) taught us a different version of a basketball game called 21. They always seem to gain points out of nowhere. At 3:00 pm we were able to go to the beach. We made sure to close the back of the van so that no students fell out, like the luggage, while we were driving. At the beach, we made it a team effort when Josh decided to dig a hole that ended up becoming a mini pool for Samara. On the way home we saw the most beautiful sunset. At the end of the day we were treated to dinner and a devotional by Mrs. Holly. She made her homemade spaghetti and green beans. Then she taught us about Psalm 19:14 and the need for us to understand the impact of our words to each other and to those we share the gospel.

Day 2 recap by A. J. Steffa and Trinity McMichael.

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