UHSM Honduras Mission Trip Day 3

Day 3 in Honduras!

For today’s devotional we talked about Matthew 5:14-16 and how we need to let our light shine bright. We were challenged to shine our light so that people can see that Jesus lives within us. We each got a Lite Brite as an illustration. Mrs. Holly did a cross, AJ did “shine,” Mr. Jason did a lighthouse. Hailey did initials of people she can shine her light to and so did Elijah and Mr. BJ.

Today we got to work. We split into 2 groups and immediately started working hard. When it hit lunch time, we were all very excited. For lunch we had chicken and fajita tacos with Picó de galló, grilled onions, and guacamole. It was delicious. We let that settle and went back to work. When we took breaks, we played tic tac toe and threw rocks at far away puddles. By the end of the day, we had set up drywall and insulation in 2 out of 4 rooms.

After the work day, we got to play with the kids and each other. Some of us played basketball, and others played chess. We won in basketball, not so much in chess. However, we definitely lost in soccer. Some kicks were over the fences, literally. We ended the day with a devotional in Spanish and English, passing out water bottles to the children, and more soccer.  

There are multiple people to pray for, but 2 that come to my mind: Danny, 20, who will be moving out on his own soon and Noemi, who reminds me of myself and is someone that I have bonded with over the course of these 3 days.

i am so glad that we were able to come on this trip to meet the children and help out!

by Trinity McMichael

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