UHSM Honduras Mission Trip Day 5

Day 5 in Honduras.  Holly began the day with another great devotional.  She had us read Psalm 126:3 and talked about how filled things spill what they are filled with.  Then she gave us bubbles to spill the joy we are filled with, with the children tonight when we got back from having some fun ourselves.  Our team has been serving so hard this week, that we knew this would be a good time for something very "islandy", with the help of Jake and Katy Giroux.  

Jake Giroux is one of our deacons, serves in our Student Ministry, and just so happens to have family that run a catamaran business here in Roatan.  That means we were able to take the team out for some snorkeling and some sight seeing around the island.  Oh, and there might or might not have been a reenactment of the Titanic movie scene by Elijah and Cade.  However, there were some "model" shots taken by almost everyone.  Even though we had fun, we were also able to have some conversations that matter with Eric and the crew onboard.  We will share their names as we add them to our list tomorrow.  Overall, it was an UNBELIEVABLE ADVENTURE.  A big thanks for Jake and Katy Giroux for making this happen.

When we got back, we got right back to spreading joy to the children.  The moment we arrived back at Sandy Bay the children were yelling our names to play.  So of course we did, and brought out our bubbles.  It was a great day from start to finish.

We ended a little early tonight because we have a big day tomorrow.  We are going to head out to help level ground and dig posts for a new covered meeting area for Pastor Marvin and his wife Magali and their church.  This team is giving everything they have to those here at Sandy Bay Lighthouse and the Sandy Bay community.  Please continue to pray for us as we move A LOT of dirt tomorrow.  For the Kingdom!

BJ McMichael

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