UHSM in Roatan 2023 day 3

Bright and early in the morning, the team woke up eagerly to begin the days work. Mrs. Holly motivated the team with the morning devotional with an illustration with a slinky on a staircase. As children, many know that a slinky will move down the staircase, almost as if it weren’t meant to be played with on the staircase. In comparison, we are made to follow Jesus and the path he has created for us. Taking this information with us, our personal friend and owner of the ministry home “Papa”, or better know as Orsy, gave a personal tour of the children’s home. To begin this, he showed an emotional video of the home’s past and beginnings. Many things like the evolution of the home and the growth of the school, not only internally, but also externally into the community were explained. Moving forward, the group embarked on a small tour of the facility in its present form. We witnessed the “break time” the kids were currently on, and their faces were full of enjoyment and excitement. By observing this, we knew that this kids truly accepted the mission home as their true home.

After the tour of the campus the team began to start working under the hot Honduran sun, but don’t worry we had pretty of water to keep us going. We started digging and cutting steel rebar to lay down the foundation for a new tool shed for Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries. While we were working, we had the kids stop by to keep us company, even an old friend Noel who was at the house last year when the team came. Once noon came around we were help to take break to have lunch with the Kids. We had Hamburgers and French fries that were prepared by the wonderful cooks here on site. After lunch we got back to work but this time the Lord blessed us with shade.

After we completed our work the kids were calling for us to play with them. Some of the games we played with the kids are tic-tac-toe, basketball, and dancing. One game that the kids like to play is similar to made you look but instead the kids say “crac cuello” which means neck crack in English. Mrs Holly made some wonderful chicken tacos for dinner. After dinner we went up with the kids to play some more this time consisted of listening to music and dancing with the kids. At 7:30 we gathered with all the kids in the living room where BJ presented a devotional, with Melissa to help translate. BJ talked about being afraid and that we need to rely on God when we are afraid. As a group we were able to surprise the kids with all of the games that we were able to purchase with the money raised by our preschool and children’s ministry from the offering at Camp at the Heights. All the kids were super excited and immediately began playing with all of the games.


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